Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Okay, I stumbled across this recipe from Charm & Salt through Pinterest, but didn't have all of the ingredients. With the changes (and omissions) I had to make, I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but OMG. Seriously, delicious. I'm thinking about going to the grocery tonight, in fact, to get some more edamame so I can make it now that I'm thinking of it.

1 pound edamame in the pod {only had 10oz bag}
2 TB salt
3 TB sesame oil {used olive oil}
2 tsp. finely minced fresh garlic
1 tsp. finely minced fresh ginger
1 tsp. white sesame seeds {omitted}
1 TB sugar
1 TB soy sauce
1 to 2 tsp. shichimi (Japanese chili pepper) {omitted}

Heat a large wok {pan} over medium-high heat. Add 2 TB of the oil and toss in the edamame. Stir-fry for 1 to 2 minutes, until well-coated with the oil.

Make a well in the edamame and add the remaining 1 TB oil, garlic, and ginger. Stir-fry for 20 to 30 seconds, until barely light golden brown, then add the sesame seeds to the well. Stir to mix evenly, coating the edamame. Sprinkle in the sugar and toss several times, allowing the sugar to melt and glaze the edamame. Add the soy sauce, shichimi and mix well. Taste and adjust seasoning with salt, if necessary. Transfer to a platter and serve immediately.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Awesome Pork Tenderloin

This is (as most of my recipes) a combination of a few different recipes/techniques.

1 pork tenderloin
2T lemon/lime juice (I use about 1T of each)
1/4ish c. soy sauce
1tsp ground ginger, or 1T fresh, grated
1T honey
1tsp garlic powder
2T olive oil
vegetable oil

Whisk all marinade ingredients together. Preheat oven to 400. Pour marinade over tenderloin and let rest for 30ish minutes.
Heat vegetable oil in oven-proof skillet over med high heat (I use my cast iron skillet). When oil is very hot, quickly sear tenderloin until browned on outside but still very raw on inside (I turn it so I sear it on 4 "sides").
Place tenderloin in hot skillet in oven, and bake at 400 for about 15 minutes.
Remove from oven, test for doneness, and let rest for about 10 minutes before serving.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Why have I not made this before?!

One of my favorite brunch spots is Charleston Cafe, which unfortunately Wes doesn't really I don't go there often. I always order one of their "Island Potato Casseroles," which is homemade chips ("chippers") topped with sautéed peppers, onion and eggs, and then you chose one of the local favorite has sausage, shrimp, and spicy tomato sauce. It's heavenly, I swear. So, tonight I made the kids and Wes some scrambled eggs for dinner, and a lightbulb went off. I put Cape Cod kettle chips in an oven-proof dish, drizzled a tiny bit of ranch and salsa over them, topped with my scrambled eggs, a bit more salsa and ranch, and a nice sprinkling of shredded cheddar. I stuck it under the broiler on low for about 5 minutes...long enough to heat everything through and melt the cheese. Go make this...NOW. you won't be disappointed! And you can get inspirations for all kinds of toppings from the Charleston Cafe website. I can't wait to try it again!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rosemary-Mustard Grilled Salmon

The kids and I had this salmon for dinner last night (Wes won't touch it), and I think all three of us would have eaten more if we'd had it!

Approx 1 lb of salmon filets
3T mustard (I used a combination of stone ground and deli, because I had can use just one kind though)
1-2T lemon juice
1-2tsp dried rosemary
3 cloves of garlic, finely minced
1T olive oil
Salt and pepper

Mix everything (except the salmon, obviously) together, then spread generously over the salmon. Let sit for about 30 minutes before grilling. Now I'm no grilling expert, but here's how I did it...heat grill to high heat, and grill salmon skin-side down for 4-5 minutes, then flip and grill for another 4-5 minutes, until cooked through...easy-least and oh so yummy!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Awesome Chicken Skewers

These are delish!! Now that we have a play set in the backyard, we spend every minute from the time Wes gets home to the time to go to bed in the yard. I want to be included in the fun, so we've been doing a bunch of grilling so I'm not cooped in the kitchen!

3/4 lbs boneless, skinless chicken, cut into bite sized pieces
Veggies cut into large chunks...we used zucchini, button mushrooms, red/yellow/orange peppers, and cherry tomatoes
4 slices of bacon, cut in fourths
Approx 1/4c olive oil
3T balsamic vinegar
3T lemon juice
1T rosemary
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
Wooden skewers

Whisk the oil, vinegar, lemon juice, and seasonings together in a small bowl. Spoon a few tablespoons of the marinade into another bowl and toss with the chicken. Let sit for at least an hour.
About 30 minutes before assembling the skewers, soak the skewers in water, and toss the veggies with the remaining marinade.
To assemble, thread a mixture of veggies and 3-4 pieces of chicken on each skewer, wrapping about 2 veggie pieces on each skewer in bacon.
Grill over medium-low heat until the bacon is crispy and the chicken is cooked through.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Creamy Zucchini Ribbons

2 zucchini
2 garlic cloves, minced
1T olive oil
2 wedges Light Laughing Cow Cheese OR ~2-3T cream cheese

Take zucchini and, using a vegetable peeler or mandolin, cut the length-wise into thin ribbons down to the seeds, discarding the seeds. Cut the ribbons lengthwise in 2 or 3 pieces so that they're the size of linguine noodles. Spread out the zuch ribbons on a paper towel, and sprinkle with a small amount of salt.
Over med heat, saute garlic in olive oil. Once the garlic is golden, add the zucchini and saute, making sure it all gets coated in the oil. Once soft (2 min or so), add EITHER Laughing Cow cheese (I use the light garlic herb) or cream cheese. Stir until cheese melts, and season with thyme and s/p (if needed). Serve immediately.

If you're like me, this is a 1-person serving (5 Weight Watchers PointsPlus by my calculations!)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Vegetable Pasta/Pasta Salad

I've been dairy free for over 4 months, and the thing that's the hardest about it is missing out on "creamy" dishes. While this pasta isn't the same as pasta with alfredo sauce...or mac 'n cheese...(yum) it does have a bit of a "creamy" factor. I ate it hot with dinner, then cold the next day for lunch...thus the reason for the double name ;)

1 to 1 1/2 dry pints cherry tomatoes, roasted
1 box rotini pasta (or whatever shape you want)
1 box frozen artichoke hearts, thawed
1/3c. kalamata olives, halved
1 bag baby spinach
1/2c. panko bread crumbs (I used Italian seasoned)
butter or olive oil
Zesty Italian Dressing
Optional: Grated Parmesan cheese

To roast the tomatoes, preheat oven to 400. Cut tomatoes in half, toss with a bit of olive oil and salt. Roast for about 15-20 minutes, until starting to turn golden on the edges.

Cook pasta in salted water, until firm (usually a minute or so less than the suggested time on the box). Drain, reserving about 1c of the pasta water.

In a large pan, heat the butter/olive oil over medium heat. Saute the artichoke hearts until they begin to caramelize slightly. Add the spinach and about 1/2 c. of the pasta water, cover and cook until the spinach is wilted. Stir in the tomatoes, olives, and bread crumbs, adding more cooking water if needed to get the consistency you want. Add a few tablespoons of dressing, and s/p to taste. Once everything is mixed and heated thru, stir in the pasta and serve hot or at room temp, topped with parm if you want!