Thursday, September 6, 2007


So I'm not doing a very good job cooking! Monday night I cooked, Tuesday I was tired, so we had Mexican, Wednesday was my school's Chick-Fil-a night, so I was the good little teacher and got dinner there (remind me not to do that...too many parents wanting to discuss their precious children!!), and tonight we went out to celebrate a friend's birthday (that was a MONTH ago, I'm a bad friend!!). Not much cooking going on in the Vicars' household! And I'll go ahead and tell you...tomorrow night we've got a football game, so I'll be coaching the cheerleaders, and my dinner will come from the booster club. Another non-cooking night!
I apologize to all of ya'll because I'm not posting recipes, but I apologize MORE to my dear husband...poor guy!

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MC said...

No need to apologize to your poor husband...frozen pizzas and little debbies work just fine for him!!